Learning and Lecturing

At Lagos State Polytechnic we challenge ourselves; we are agile learners who not only get things done, but get them done well. As a result, our graduates are highly sought after. Our learning environment inspires participation, innovation and a work ethic like no other.

Anyone that joins Laspotech is provided with the encouragement and resources needed to prepare and achieve success. This support goes beyond your time here; being part of Lagos State Polytechnic is truly a fulfillment.

Outstanding Academic Lecturing

At Lagos State Polytechnic, our academics continually look for new ways of doing things and continue to build best practice.

We attract outstanding academias from across the country who are specialists in their field, enthusiastic about their subjects, and are at the forefront of current research.

16% of our core lecturers are PHD holders and a member of world recognized professional bodies, meaning that our students benefit from a diverse and multitalented teaching experience.